Little Tibet :: Spa Facility

Our Spa Facility

The scenic locale of Little Tibet and it's quaint environs offer an ideal setting for a luxurious Spa treatment. Our Spa offers a variety of treatments, primarily based on Tibetan Herbal Medicinal Science.

Our Spa therapy assures to revitalize both the body and the mind after a tiring day. Our trained therapists are knowledgeable in a variety of procedures ,to ensure that treatment is both general and customised, so as to meet the diverse needs of individual body types.

The Therapy Room

Our Therapy Room is ideally designed to offer our clients an undisturbed session of treatment. Indulge your deserving body to a session of care with our skilled Masseurs.

Massage Therapy:

An ancient practice where pressure points on the body are activated/stimulated to better blood circulation and thereby untangle the tension knots to ensure a relaxing treat for your body.

Foot/Leg Massage :

The pressure points on the sole of the feet are worked upon to stimulate better circulation and help rejuvinate the lower body muscles.

Stress Relieving Massage :

This combines a healthy mix of both Eastern and Western techniques with oil as the primary benefactor to smoothen stress affected areas. It works to free tangled nerves and invites your internal system towards accumulating and emanating positive energy.

Listen to your body, and love it with the care that our skilled services offer, lovingly.


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